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If you are ready to send your radio, there is no need to call. Send it with the Repair Form, no down payment required. For any questions, call 941-493-1421 Monday through Friday or email anytime.

Art's Tv Store Front
Art's TV Store Front

Art's TV is an independent Bose service center. Art's TV has been repairing electronics for over 30 years. We have been repairing Bose products for many years. Some products have replacable parts while others don't, so we will list the products that we know have the majority of replacable parts. A typical repair is 2-3 weeks. We will refurbish your Bose Wave Radio to perfect working order.

How to Ship Your Bose Radio

Please follow these instructions and ship your radio to the address below:

  1. Verify that your radio is listed in the models we support.
  2. Click "I'm ready to repair!" to print a Bose Repair Form.
  3. Fill out the form and send the radio and form to:
    • Art's Tv
    • 2242 S. Tamiami Trail
    • Venice, FL 34293